Ibogaine & Alcohol Addiction – Testimony From a Recent Patient at Rocky Point Recovery

Here are some quotes from a recent testimonial from a patient that has been struggling with alcohol addiction for 14 years.  This testimonial highlights the true advantage of plant medicine vs. traditional methods of detoxification and rehabilitation.

“I would recommend ibogaine for those who, like myself, can’t stand to live the way they are living for a day longer and know that it is time for a change in their life and have accepted and embraced that change.

It is important that you pick someone and a facility where you feel safe and cared for and these two people do that for you.  Between mentally preparing you for the process, making sure that you have all the preliminary medical work done, filling out the questionnaire, you talk to several therapists which was very helpful before the journey and you can pick who you prefer to work with after, on the other side, when you are reborn, like I was.

The most important thing is that you feel supported during your journey, you feel supported after your journey.  There is zero judgment on anything which is super, super important because we are all very vulnerable at this stage.  They also give you the right tools for after care.

Through and through, if I had to do it again, I would do it again with them.   It is an intense journey…but I wouldn’t imagine myself ever doing it with anyone else.  The setting is beautiful, the people are beautiful, they’re caring, they’re loving and they will be missed.

I tried naltrexone for alcohol addiction and when I tried that drug I realized that you can take it before you’re drinking and it minimizes the impact and “happy trigger” but it doesn’t do anything to stop the cravings, it doesn’t do anything to change the way that your brain is thinking.  There is no drug out there that can solve for what creates addiction, and I believe the plant medicine can.  What you do is reset your brain, you deal with your underlying trauma, you continue to deal with your underlying trauma through therapy and you realize the reason why you became an addict.  Prescription medicines, at least none of the ones I found and believe me I looked, do that.

I am sure a lot of addicts feel this way; when you are an addict it is hard to get up in the morning, you can’t really seem to justify taking care of yourself, and after having the ibogaine something changes in that you value the way you are treating your body.  You can see the beauty that your body can create on a deep level, within your brain.  You can see the way that your body is functioning from literally inside and you want to protect it and covet it, and I didn’t before. I would recommend ibogaine for those who like myself can’t stand to live the way they are living for a day longer and know that it is time for a change in their life and have accepted and embraced that change.”  ~A.K.,  New York


In-Shadow from Lubomir Arsov paints an incredible picture of the complete destruction and degradation of modern society.  Why do we succumb to drug addiction and other self destructive behaviors?  Why? Why? Why? Why?  Because we are completely numb, disconnected, poisoned, programmed, and out of touch with spirit.  This amazing short film and social commentary paints the picture.   Absolutely stunning images!