Fantastic Reddit Post after Ibogaine Flood Dose

Great Account of an Ibogaine Flood Dose for Addiction Treatment

The time had finally come for me to take my flood dose around 8:30am, I was ready. I wasn’t afraid to take the ibogaine anymore like I was the months and days leading up to it. I figured that I was already knocking on deaths door with the severity of my using. So if I were to die, at least I’d die trying to heal myself. So the nurses hooked me up to an EKG, IV and blood pressure machine for safety precautions. The doctor weighed out my pills according to my body weight before dispensing them he said, “This medicine has been used for hundreds of years by the Bwiti tribe as a right of passage. You should feel honored to have this opportunity” and I was. So by this point my withdrawals were starting to become unbearable, so I looked at him with zero hesitation and popped 7 pills of ibogaine. After 35-40 min I could feel tingling in my all my limbs, I also felt a burning in my chest. It actually felt really nice, almost a bit euphoric. As I lay there I could feel the medicine take over my entire body, as if an extraterrestrial had entered my bloodstream and was taking over. I could feel it doing it’s work on my brain repairing the virus known as addiction. The first part of my waking dream was very introspective. I realized that I loved myself. I didn’t want to harm myself ever again. I also gained some other other personal insights. The second part of the dream was about Gaia, the universe and how we are all connected. I never had been spiritual and considered myself an atheist but after seeing what the plant showed me I believe in “One”. I didn’t expect to come out of the experience becoming spiritually woke but I was. I went in to ibogaine treatment hoping to kick heroin and possibly cigarettes but to my surprise the medicine revealed all of my my addictions and interrupted every single last one of them. I’m one month post ibogaine and no longer addicted or craving. After my trip I didn’t smoke another cigarette and I immediately threw them in the trash. I also stopped drinking caffeine, eating processed foods, meat/animal products, alcohol, social media (FB/IG), sneaker-head addiction, I became a minimalist, I’m also more mindful of how I speak to people, what I watch on tv or YouTube, I make sure I limit my usage. This was all so unexpected especially becoming a vegan.