The Addict’s Family

family issue

One of the saddest components of addiction stories is the complete destruction of the family.  Families of addicts must maintain a clear delineation between the disease that is addiction and the person behind the disease – the person who has basically disappeared.  That person can return and the Ibogaine / Iboga experience is one of the best treatments to not only break the physical addiction cycle, but to cause some deep introspection at the soul level. 

To a family member, it may seem that the addict is completely lost for good.  They don’t care about any of the consequences of their behavior other than getting their fix.  Stealing, cheating, lying, fighting, not caring one iota about one’s life don’t even register for an addict – their entire BEING has be consumed by the addiction.  Even so, that person is still there at the soul level.  They can return.  They can care.  They can love again.  The damage can be repaired.