As Canada Marijuana Laws Look Up, Drug Policy Surrounding Ibogaine Under Fire

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Psychedelics have made recent news in Canada, as a medication containing ibogaine receives clinical criticism, and recently elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau advocates for recreational marijuana law reform. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

It’s both an exciting and challenging time for advocates of therapeutic psychedelic plants in Canada. Known as one of the more progressive countries in the world when it comes to drug policy, Canada has allowed medical marijuana use for over a decade and is famously lax in tolerating recreational use. Beyond that, Canada is one of the few Western countries that hasn’t specifically outlawed the use of the psychedelic ibogaine. As a result, many ibogaine clinics have appeared across Canada to treat serious addictions to substances like heroin and cocaine. But in the last few months, two major events have transpired that are putting Canadian ibogaine providers on their toes and giving Canadian cannabis users more to look forward to.


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